Available LOT ONLY, Camella Homes Palawan

It is known to everyone that Camella Homes Palawan offered house and lot for every investor out there. Well, the fact is Camella Homes Palawan also offers LOT ONLY that best fit for buyers who are planning to build and hire their own private constructor.

To do so, you have to select the size and the available LOT ONLY for sale of Camella Homes Palawan.

You can also opt to buy the LOT ONLY now and build your dream house whenever your money is ready and in your own convenience.

It is always been a scenario where the price of the LOT ONLY appreciates as the community development progresses. Having said that, Camella Homes Palawan HOUSE and LOT and LOT ONLY changing its price quarterly.

As of this posting, there are only very few LOT ONLY left at Camella Homes Palawan Phase I. However, in the Phase II you have more choices.

LOT ONLY comes with the lot size of 100-400 square meter.

Below is a sample computation.


Lot Area(SQM) 120 124 150
Block/Lot 1/2.,3,4,5,9,10,11 14/17 1/6
Total Contract Price (TCP) 1,497,806 1,663,288 2, 032,300
Outright Discount 100,000
Discounted TCP 1,497,806 1,563,288 2,032,300
Downpayment (30%) 449,342 468,986 609,690
Reservation Fee 10,000 15,000 20,000
Net of DP 439,342 453,986 589,690
Monthly DP in 36 Months 12,204 12,611 16,380


Loanable Amount (70%) 1,048,464 1,094,302 1,422,610
1 year p.a @ 8% interim (5 years) 21,259 22,188 26,845
1 year p.a @ 8% interim (10years) 12,721 13,277 17,260
1 year p.a @ 8% interim (15 years) 10,020 10,458 13,595
1 year p.a @ 8% interim (20 years) 8,770 9,153 11,899
Amortization schedule after the interim shall bear 19% interest rate on the 13th month onwards


Reservation 10,000 15,000 20,000
Loanable Amount 1,487,806 1,548,288 2,012,300
2 years at 0% interest 61,992 64,512 83,846
3 years at 0% interest 41,328 43,008 55,897


Reservation 10,000 15,000 20,000
10% Discount (w/in 7 Days after RS) 140,302 145,980 189,726
Discounted Total Contact Price 1,347,503 1,402,308 1,822,574
Note: Camella Communities reserves the right to correct typographical errors in this computation sheet. This pricelist is for initial presentation purposes only, prices and /or lot sizes may change without prior notice. For announcement purposes only.

Do you want to know more about the LOT ONLY of Camella Homes Palawan? Please communicate us.

FlexiHomes By Camella Homes, Puerto Princesa

FlexiHomes was offered by Camella Homes, Puerto Princesa last April 2016.

What is FlexiHomes?

FlexiHomes is summarized into FlexiBudget, FlexiSpace and FlexiStyle. You can find the explanation below.

FlexiBudget – price wise, it is lower than the regular price of the other homes. With FlexiHomes there is no longer a partition, railing and handrails and ceiling of your home when you receive it that lower the price compared to the regular home.

The next question in mind is why it’s not a complete house?

One main reason why it’s not complete house is because by experience, higher percentage of the home buyers do a lot of overhaul or renovation of their interior and fix the house the way they want it to be. So with FlexiHomes, you have all the freedom to do what you can do in your interior.

FlexiSpace on the other hand will let you plan and maximize your space or placement of your partitions for example and other positioning based on your own taste in a given space or you can make your own house layout and as homeowner have the power to decide whether to make the original 3 rooms layout to 2 rooms layout to adjust on how big is the space you need.


And finally the FlexiStyle – will dig out the best style you want for your home, that’s is yours and you certainly have to do the styling yourself.

Maybe some home buyers will ask if they can still buy the regular homes offered by Camella Home. The short answer is YES but only the Ready for Occupancy available in Phase I Project, The Island. The Phase III, The Coast Project is also a complete home.

By the way, homeowner of FlexiHomes your layout and interior plan is still subject for approval as SOP of Camella Homes, Puerto Princesa City.


From my views, FLEXIHOMES gives you FREEDOM to do what you want in your own HOME.


I am glad to assist you in your real estate investment!

Margie Vanscoy
Real Estate Broker

Grand Launching and Blessing of Clubhouse at Camella Puerto Princesa City

The anticipation is now over. The clubhouse is now open.

One of the central amenities of Camella Homes Puerto Princesa was officially launched June 6, 2016. Homeowners, Brokers, Camella Staff, visitors and guests were packed in a newly built yellow –colored well landscaped- Clubhouse located right in front of the guardhouse or the oval of Camella Homes, The Island Project.
Clubhouse at Camella Puerto Princesa City (2)

The program started with the cutting of ribbons, followed by a Mass. It was a different feel of the homeowners especially to be able to use the clubhouse for the very first time.


After the mass, there was a blessing or pouring of holy water in the area then a toss headed by the sellers and brokers of different groups and heavy snacks were served thereafter.

During the event, homeowners had a chance to meet and greet.

Amenities such as the Clubhouse play an important role in every community as no more worries as to where the party, events, meetings and functions will be held. It is also the place where homeowners converge, build friendships and most importantly a place to discuss what is best for the community.

Grand launching and blessing of the clubhouse is one of the milestone of Camella Homes Puerto Princesa. Now, the homeowners have a place to celebrate important events and functions without going outside the community.

Congratulations Camella for this milestone.

New House Model of Camella Homes Unveiled!

Bella, a new house model was conceived in addition to the House Models of Camella Homes, Puerto Princesa. It has a minimum lot area of 88 SQM and a floor area of 53 SQM. Like other model houses, it is 2 Storeys, 2 Bedrooms, 2 Toilet & Baths; 1 in the second floor and 1 in the ground floor. Aside from Living Area; Dining Area, and kitchen area, Bella has a provision for 1 carport.

The lot area and floor area alone is a big factor for a two bedroom house. Since, it is newly born Model House, you can own her with a Php30,000 discount. Promo is up to May 31, 2016 only.

Bella House

Bella Floor Plan

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